The Fullerton Arboretum













I can’t believe I almost forgot to share these photos.  We had such a fun field trip with our nature group back in late October.

We went to the Fullerton Arboretum where the kids were free to roam, play and touch. 

1. This first picture is of the kids getting a lesson about common garden herbs.


2. Next we gathered on the hay bales to hear a story and make a craft.  While watching we all giggled as squirrels tried to steal pumpkin bites.


3.  Here we are learning about Gourds and checking out the “gourd tunnel”.


4.  Walking through the gourd tunnel.


5.  The arboretum had a great garden and plant store.  We loaded up on some organic fall/winter veggie seedlings.


5.  Kai was such a big helper!  He pulled this wagon full of veggie plants to the car for us.  Taking much care and attention to stay on the trail.


We’ve had such a fun time with our nature group, the Fullerton Arboretum was definitely a highlight!






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