Patchwork Christmas Stocking




I am definitely not a craft blogger, but I was so happy at the result of the jumbled idea in my head I felt like I had to share.

I have been wanting to make us homemade Christmas stockings for a couple years now.  I bought some fabric before Taj was born.  I had big hopes of finishing the stockings while I was pregnant with him, however that never happened.

After taking a sewing class this fall I felt a lot more comfortable with my sewing skills and decided to finally make the stockings.

I looked all over, but could not find a stocking pattern I really liked.  So I decided to make my own pattern. It was much easier than I imagined.

I just took an old stocking I like the shape of, traced it onto brown packaging paper, then added 5/8 in seam allowance all around it.


I really loved all of the Christmas fabric series I had, and could not choose just one print per stocking (since I needed to make 4).  So I decided to make them “patchwork.”  I really had no plan to how to match the pieces up.  I just started cutting, pinning, and sewing till all the pieces were used.



Next I cut out one “patchwork” stocking and 2 white fleece stockings (wrong side together.  I placed the patchwork piece in between the 2 white fleece stockings so that the patch work piece is “sandwiched”.  This will allow for there to be no raw edges and a smooth “lining behind the patchwork piece.

With the 3 stocking pieces together I sewed the back “stright” line only.  After the back piece was sewn I opened up and laid it “wrong side” facing me.

I took a long piece of fabric, folded in half longways and pressed a seam.  This will be used as the “cuff.”



I lined up the edges and sewed them together. Before folding over for the “cuff” I trimmed the seam.



I then folded the cuff over and sewed it down with a decorative zig-zag stitch.

Once the cuff is completed, fold the stocking back right sides together and finish sewing all away around leaving only the top open for inserting gifts.

Once you are finished stitching, pull the stocking inside out and enjoy the finished product.



Now I just need the perfect ribbon to hang these with!


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