Adventures at Sea World

This past October we made our first family trip to Sea World.  I knew that if we waited till Kai was the right age it would me more appreciated it, and it sure was.  Kai was in awe of everything (despite being sick and screaming for tissues to wipe his nose every two minutes).  

We started off in the Sea Turtle exhibit.  After seeing sea turtles in Hawaii, Kai was especially excited.



Taj checking out the turtles.


The sweet little green Sea turtles.



After the Sea Turtles we checked out the Shark reef and fed some ImageImage

This guy was so hilarious.  He got as close to the humans as he possibly could and just barked in everyone’s face.  People would throw fish at him just so he would quiet down.  And he protected that rock, any other sea lion that attempted to hop up he would nip at him.



Then we watched the newest Shamu show in awe and somehow just barely missed getting soaked even though we braved the “splash zone.”  I know there are many documentaries exposing the dark side of training whales and keeping them in captivity, but the 15 minutes of this show are pure magic.  There was a new baby Shamu that kept trying to follow his mom and messing up the tricks, but his tiny whale cuteness made you look past the mistakes. 



Taj got to meet Elmo!  We tried real hard to get all 4 of us in the photo, but apparently Kai is intimidated by Elmo.





Since the last time I visited Sea World, they have added a fantastic Polar exhibit.  We got to see Beluga whales, Pilot whales, penguins, walruses, and polar bears up close in personal.  It was my favorite part.  







Michael found some whale bones to adjust.  He has decided to add whale adjustments to his list of specialties.







Even though Kai was sick he insisted he needed to climb the ropes.





Despite Kai being sick, we had such a fun time at Sea World.  So many great shows, just bummed we couldn’t spend more time there. Guess we will have to go again!


One thought on “Adventures at Sea World

  1. Love the large, gorgeous pics! Makes me feel like I’m there. 🙂 It really is a delightful place. I loved it with “big” boys. Hope to experience it again someday with the little boys. 🙂 Loved the Elmo picture, Kai and Daddy on the ropes, and Taj in wonderment looking into sea turtle tank. The Shamu pic is such a great picture! I’m guessing from your phone? Thanks so much for doing this, Lael. It is wonderful.

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