Taj Gets a Big Boy Bed

I  can’t believe the time is already here….time to take down the crib, and replace it with a big boy bed. 

Taj has been our super sleeper since he was tiny.  We learned the hard way early on that he needs his own space when he sleeps, space where no one touches him and he is free to move.  

All of a sudden over the last week he has refused to sleep in his crib, only wanting to nap on the couch, and screaming bloody murder at bedtime.  After watching him in his crib, and realizing how enormous he really is and banging the crib everytime he moves we realized the problem was his bed.

This was his reaction when he was finally able to try out his new bed!




Luckily I knew this day was coming sooner rather than later and I had already purchased this bedding from Pottery Barn Kids to coordinate with Kai’s bedding.  




I just love the details of their bedding!  Kai’s is a California Collection, and Taj’s is a Key West Collection.



Of course there is room for Dad and Kai too!



“Mom, this is just like a bounce house!” -Kai Michael Day




And there you have it, Taj is officially sleeping in a big boy bed.

Our Backyard Chickens Part 1

One thing we really wanted when we were house shopping was a nice sized yard for us to have a garden and a chicken coop.  So when we found this house to rent, you can imagine our excitement when it came with both!

We couldn’t wait to get some chickens to fill our coop.  We have never been pet people, so getting chickens was a HUGE commitment for us.  

We traveled out to a feed store, Wagon Train, in Orange to pick out our new pets.  We drove through amazing horse farms to find this store, and we were not disappointed when we arrived.  They had baby chicks, baby goats, baby quails, and baby bunnies.  We were lucky to only leave with baby chicks.

Here are the first two we picked. 


Wendy (named after a character from Peter Pan), on the left, and Bunny on the right (rightly named since she is an “Easter-egger”)  

Bunny I picked because she looked so cute, and Wendy because she had one solo feather on top of her head.



Who knew chickens could be so fun??



We only took two chickens that  day, because they only had a couple breeds in stock, and I felt sure I needed a variety of fancy chickens.



It was hard to catch an action shot, but you better believe those chickens went down the slide, over, and over again.

Also, they poop, A LOT.  We went through so many baby wipes during chicken playtime.

The following week, we would get two more chickens.  

To Be Continued….