Apple picking

Taj and Mommy picking apples

This past week we took our fall traditional trip to Julian, CA, in north San Diego.  It is an adorable and picturesque little town, full of apple and pear orchards.  This year we went to Raven Hill Orchard.  We picked the loveliest apples from their dwarf trees.  And ate the whole bushel in 3 days, yes, they were that good!

Kai and Daddy picking apples

Julian is also home to some amazing apple pies!!  This year we were in the midst of the 21 day Restoration plan so we didn’t get to indulge as usual.  But hopefully next year!!

While in Julian we went on the Julian train, super fun, educational, and dirty (as in actual dust and dirt).

It was such a joy traveling to Julian for the first time as a family of four!


A real live space shuttle!

Space Shuttle's Final Flight

If Kai has any memories from early childhood, I sure hope this is one of them!  Everyday, this child sees an airplane and asks if its a “space shuttle.”  We look at space flashcards, we watch the airplane movie that shows planes carrying shuttles, and we play airplane/rocket/shuttle all day long, so to get to see a real live space shuttle in our own backyard was so fun!

I wish I had a video of his reaction, it was so sweet!  He cheered, he clapped and he raised his arms.  He was so patient waiting 45 minutes (flight was delayed) for it to fly over, and was so excited when it finally came.  The plane was flying really low, and had two jets to the rear of the plane.  People were out all over the place!  Bigger crowd than the fourth of July.  Feels so nice to be apart of something so “American” and see people rally together.

This picture does not do the experience justice!