What’s for dinner

Since the beginning of February, we have been strictly following a paleo/no processed foods diet.  A lot of people, like ourselves, initially find the idea intimidating.  But after giving it a chance, we love it!  Its the best diet ever!  I don’t feel like there is really anything we miss.  At first I had no idea what to cook but after a little internet research we found some great recipes that have quickly become staples.

A first favorite is Chocolate Coconut Stacks from PaleOMG  These are fantastic, and Kai calls them “cookies.”


Another from PaleOMG is their Caramel Pecan Bars  We have been known to eat these till we’re sick….


Now for some real food favorites, our friend Denise has a new grain and sugar free recipe blog called Edible Harmony.

We just tried her Not Potato Salad the other night, complete with her homemade mayo.  Who knew that’s where mayo came from?  Super yummy and filling, we ate it for a few days.

And in case you miss rice on this eating plan, Denise has lots of yummy “rice” recipes with again, cauliflower…what an amazing vegetable. 🙂

The Mexican Paleo rice is one of our favorites.  Sorry, no pretty picture for this one, but follow the link for recipe.

Happy Healthy Eating!

This post is dedicated to Helen Grayson, a cooking inspiration and queen of the Cusinart.



Confessions of a dumpster diver

I guess its about time we told someone.  We sometimes take things from the trash.  This may sound crazy to most people, but people in Southern California know that everyone here is wasteful and you are sure to find something valuable in the trash!  So among all the bottle/can collectors you will also find us.  We have lived in apartments for the last 7 1/2 years.  And in every place we have lived we have scored some awesome things from the trash.  For example, clothes, electronics, books, housewares, etc.  All of these finds were good, but just recently we found the ultimate find…a model airplane!



Sure, it was a little banged up and had a cigarette but inside, but it didn’t kill our excitement.  



Fixing things with duct tape is such a redneck stereotype….so we used clear packaging tape. 



One dive and a few inches of tape, provided hours of fun.  Now that is a success story.  



Remind me to post later what I got from the dump a couple days ago! 

Kai turns 3

It has been 3 quick years since Kai Michael Day has came into our world and made it even brighter.  

His third birthday has proven to be a lot of fun and worth all the efforts!  This year he was able to sing “happy birthday,” blow out his candles, and unwrap his gifts (well mostly, he was not sure why it was okay to tear up all that paper).  This was also Kai’s first birthday celebrated as a big brother.

 We also had a special guest this year, “Peepaw” (aka Grandpa Russell).  


The day was spent playing with new gifts, eating hotdogs (birthday boy request), eating Strickland’s homemade icecream, riding rides and playing games at Boomers, and of course finishing the day off with some Susie Cakes.  

Pee Wee’s Hot Dogs  The Hawaiian Dog with grilled pineapple with mango salsa was amazing!



Oh, and he insisted on wearing the sticker on his shirt. 

Next was Boomers



And of course Susie Cakes!



What a fun day!